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Sell Your Natural Dreadlocks

Sell Your Natural Dreadlocks
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Price: $15.00
Availability: Mail Order Only
Model: Human Hair Only
Manufacturer: Sell My Locs
Average Rating: Not Rated

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I want to sell my dreadlocks.  I have been growing them for a number of years and wanted to find a salon that would purchase them.  Is there a market for customers looking to buy my locs if I should cut them. 


There is a demand from clients looking to purchase dreads for many reasons to include:

  • hair challenged, thin on sides, back or top
  • don't have time nor patience to grow them out
  • questionable esteem, how they'll look professionally or to peers
  • the trial period, want to see how they'll look before committing

How the cost is determined: $3/oz

Bornu buys your dreadlocks from you and there is a brokering fee ($15), for me to find a client who will purchase them for various use..  Your locs are weighed by the ounce (oz). The cost you will be paid is $3 per oz. If your locs weigh in at 10oz.  You will be promptly paid $30. [10x3=30}

Customers serious about selling their dreadlocks may fill out the above info and proceed thru checkout.  Upon completion, you will receive in the mail a self-addressed, Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope with a prepaid label on it.  The envelope is typically large & secure enough for you to put your dreadlocks in & mail them out without incident.  The cost to process the transaction is $15.  They will be sorted out, then determined as to which ones can be used.  If you agree on the price based on the metrics provided above then proceed via the checkout. Your money will be sent promptly via check or PayPal. Please allow up to 5 business days to process the transaction.

No Walk- Ins: There is a system to how this process works.  Thank you!

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Sell Your Natural Dreadlocks
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