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Products to twist new growth & control flaking

Products to twist new growth & control flaking
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Model: Itching & Dry Scalp
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My hair looked fantastic after I came to see you. It was the best my hair ever looked. My problem is that it came unlocked and untwisted in about two weeks time. What type of service do I need to schedule for myself in order for my hair to remain locked and twisted for a longer period of time? I also need to know why my scalp seemed to flake about one week after having my hair twisted? And how do I prevent this from re-occuring? Is there a product I need to use?

On our calendar you should choose our Dreads Wash Retwist . Because of the scalp manipulation and vigorous massage associated with getting your hair done you can expect sudden hair growth especially with the products we use to help to perpetuate this. Our bornu butter & honey aloe hydrosol moisturize the locs to keep them from thinning and falling out. I can understand you wanting to buy some time before your style starts unraveling but your locs arent meant to stay in one style for that long period of time especially since healthy dreads insists on growing out & away from any fashioned style you receive at a salon. Any "style" whether its a practical palmroll, braided back or bun is merely but a temporary solution to where your locs must eventually grow out in order for them to manifest into your long thick dreads. The flaking can be easily cured by drinking more water and hydrating your locs with our witch hazel-tea tree spray.

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