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Moisturize & maintain bleach tips or highlights

Moisturize & maintain bleach tips or highlights
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How often should I come in for loc maintenance after coloring my dreadlocks.  What should I expect from upcoming visits as far as cultivating my locs other than a regular shampoo and retwist?

After you color your locs you should consider using regenerative ingredients like honey, tea tree and aloe, to help heal the scalp and correct damage done to the hair shaft by use of chemicals.  You should come in about every 2 to 4 weeks.  With use of color your locs can split, puff out at the ends, tangle or combine with other dreads.  They may start getting bumpy and knotty or even break.  Palmrolling is an effort to keep your locs from looking too ambiguous in its wilding out stage. Palmrolling with natural products can optimize your loc health. The sun can singe hair that has not been alchemically doctored with healing herbs & other earthen essentials. Reds can turn into dry burnt oranges, blacks into metallic looking greens, blondes into dull dirty browns. Apply our  Bornu Butter - Loc Balm to maintain the integrity of your locs while it serves to protect them from rotting out. Clean your locs once a week with our tinglelating  Black Soap  Seaweed Shampoo .  Spray liberally our Honey Aloe Hydrosol which is a powerful hair food plus humectant to enrich your color and feed your compromised tendrils.

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