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Barber Haircuts

Barber Haircuts
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Manufacturer: Barbering
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What products can I use to make my skin look like some of the clients whose pictures you have on your website? I have eczema and razor bumps from when I shave and too my baby suffers from cradle cap and has lost all her hair.

Lotions, cremes, gels.. I have tried them all to no avail. My skin did not get better until I started using natural karite (ivory shea butter) and alata samina (real black soap). I advocate better nutrition. There are a list of taboo foods a person should not be eating because everyone has different levels of tolerance for different things they put on and in their bodies. The bodys allergic reactions to certain foods consist of breakouts, bad smells and uneven skin tones. I do colonics regularly and try to eat once a day. I drink a 1/2 gal of purified water throughout the day. I ingest raw foods and suggest eating a salad everday. The Old Testament is a great source for inspiration for which cruciferous vegetables, fruits and grains to eat that are pleasing and appeasing to your body temple. Basically you are what you eat. Life brings life. Death brings death. Keep eating the dead and whats left? Disease and Negative.


Our honey aloe is 100% pure, naturally blended with essential oils to create a therapeutic hydrosol spray. Aloe vera by itself is safe to use for healing on the outside and internally for toddlers and children. Children can drink Aloe Vera! It is the most natural and safe traditional bitter herb when in the juice form for children and adults. It soothes stomach upset and encourages daily regularity without being a laxative.
Topically, aloe vera gel when combined honey becomes a sulfur rich herb that takes the pain out of a burn or bite fast. Natural safe occurring growth factors, antimicrobials and anti inflammatory agents found in the yellow sap reduces swelling and stimulates new cell growth almost miraculously. Our quality honey aloe product practically contains all of the undiluted constituents in nature including minerals that promote skin hydration and cellular regeneration.



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Barber Haircuts
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Barber Haircuts
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