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Products to Get to maintain Bornu Locs

Products to Get to maintain Bornu Locs
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My hair is weak from years of perm. I'm finding thin patches and breakage so I would like to go natural. Because of my career I can't really do the buckwheat stage and let my new growth come in gradually so Im wondering if bornu locs would be the best bet to consider as a transitional style. What kind of condition should my hair be in?  How thick are the bornu locs? Most of the styles I have seen concerning loc extensions are too thin. I prefer something about finger size.  How do you determine how my bornu locs will look like?

It's sort of like painting by numbers. A patrons hair grows out by natural sections called grafts. These grafts are in the amount of hairs grouped together in natural sections that for me pre-determines the girth or thickness needed to proceed with how much human hair is needed to create a bornu loc. This allows me to blend in just the right amount of afro kinky hair to make the by-hand style look flawless enough to pass as natural dreads. Basically you have to have enough hair at the root to provide as an anchor of support for the length and size of the loc extension.  I can cultivate your bornu locs from a perm but i recommend you first purchase the prep kit for your damaged hair  to make it more conducive for me to start adding the extensions. I dont use gel, glue or any adhesive because it defeats the purpose of going natural. Eventually you want your hair and the bornu locs to mesh, blend, and bond naturally. Purchasing the products in the prep kit help to esteem the scalp and strip the hair of chemical or commercial products that tend to make the hair slippery or too weak to proceed with growing dread. In order for the bornu locs to stay onto your hair we want to kink it up as much as possible even if you are coming from behind a perm.

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