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100% Pure Black Soap

100% Pure Black Soap
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Black Soap is an important loc hygienic. Known for its curative effects, black soap aka alata samina is ideal for easing afflictions of the skin, scalp and hair. For babies it helps hasten healing from cradle crap and eczema in adults. Growing dandruff and flakes shedding can be extremely unsightly when growing dreads. Black soap can be melted down in purified water or aloe vera to become a dry shampoo which the person can then put into a spray bottle and put onto the scalp twice a day until it subsist. The purification process of pouring out libations into Your crown begins with black soap. a religieux of gifted hands from generation to generation pass on the skill of making this ancient soap by hand using raw crude elements from nature. The skill is sacred and protected amongst indigenous folks from these villages of west africa. although it is imported to many cities across the U.S. it is still relatively a black market item and is rarely seen in the popular commericial arena. When it is, it is often mislabeled or identified as dudu osun but buyer beware. These are not the authentic black soap made of healing hands. These rather are mass produced in manufacturing labs and distributed to anyone with a commercial business license.
Organic ingredients used in black soap are beneficial in healing acne, demodex folliculorum infestation, oily skin, blemishes, ingrown hairs & cysts. Continental Africans have used it for bathing and shampooing their hair. It's excellent for removing make-up, synthetic hair grease, stripping perms, odors, and strengthening hair texture. Black Soap conditons skin and leaves a silk residue due to raw contents used to make it.

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100% Pure Black Soap
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