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Products to Condition Locs & Scalp Moisture

Products to Condition Locs & Scalp Moisture
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How long will it take for the dreads to lock up? How often do the dreads have to be re-twisted and with what products?

It all depends on the starting point. If you are starting from a perm and trying to go natural you will need to explore the nurturing aspects. Chemicals DO NOT grow out over night. In fact, It can take 6 months for your hair to revert back to its kinky state. I suggest cutting out the relaxer & start from scratch by growing an afro of about 2 inches in length. Use products that are nutritionally sound to bring the hair back to its original strength. Jojoba, Olive Oil, B-Vitamins, Biotin, etc., are good ingredients to add to your hair regiment. If you are the impressionable type then you will need to be prepared for the barrage of questions mainly because people are curious and comments about what you are trying to accomplish can sway your ambition. Month after month your hair will look different ways. It will swell and sprout and puff with perpetual continuity. You should come in twice a month for loc maintenance. You should expect to have your locs shampooed, conditioned and hot oiled. You should expect to be given an arsenal of information about what you need to do in those meantime in between time stages. Different textures and hair types lead often to varying results but it all adds up to something. Nothing happens until something happens. This means that if you are working out, making love or doing some labor intensive then rest assure that your hair will reflect back to you the end result. Crying to your loctician wont help because he or she is a people person and recognizes that real people do real things. Be honest with yourself. Be prepared mentally and emotionally.  More importantly be accountable for your own misdeeds and donts!  If coming in every week because you want to account for every hair on your head by keeping it all in one place or neat all the time is your ambition then so be it. But remember, hairstyles are not meant to last .  Weather is a big part to play in the longevity of the style. Humidity, dampness, etc. can cause hairstyles to revert and puff. Do what your loctician suggest and all is gold. Deviate from what is given and you will be standing in the mirror of your own resolve.

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Products to Condition Locs & Scalp Moisture
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