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Learn how to Tutorials

Learn how to Tutorials
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It is a mystery to me how caucasians, asian and indians dreadlock their hair. Is it the same process for them to lock their hair as it is for descendants of Africans living here in america? What products do they use and how do they get it to stay without it becoming unruly looking?

As an investment your new hairstyle should always be guarded and protected from excessive touching, teasing, twisting or pulling. Nothing can happen until something happens, which means once your hair is set you should consider minimal activity for a few weeks. If you are working out or making love, swimming, etc then its a rap. Without keeping them covered they will tend to look a mess. Do not be tempted to pull your starter locs in a bun. This blocks the even energy flow. You have to think in terms of linear time. You should reiterate what bornu said to do and not do until that next appointment. When I cultivate locs I am laying down a template for the future which means a step by step approach needs to be taken. But, like in any relationship it takes two, Me and the client. You have to be very patient. Everyone wearing locs would tell you the same thing! Do not risk your locs by proving they are resilient to obstructive behavior especially when they are as fresh as baby chicks.  Regard them as if they were like an appendage attached to your body. Let them swell up with shedded matted hair.  Dreads forming stem from neglect so leave them alone. When I start locs rest assure the process will commence immediately. In just days, they will sprout and swell which means they will loose and fall. This is necessary in order for the style in which you were given to lock. It is a natural phenomenon where we use nature as technology to have its way with your hair. To maintain the style use our bornu butter to twist in the ingredients needed to build the hair up enough that it will do well under hazardous conditions. The sun bakes in products that in turn burn and singe the hair if it has chemicals or unnatural solvents in it. Use only natural products to spray or put in the hair. Use our honey aloe hydrosol to maintain hydrating your locs.

Classes: If you are interested in learning any of my modalities please consider scheduling an appointment for an exclusive tutorial.

  • For a lesson on locking straight hair bring a straight haired mannequin with long hair atleast 10 inches.
  • For making loc extensions, bornu locs or cultivating natural dreadlocks bring a mannequin with afro kinky curly hair with hair atleast 6 inches.
  • For a class on using natural products just bring a notepad and a good pen to write down insightful information that you may take with you.
  • Start by clicking on the add to cart button and proceed thru checkout. That will settle payment for my instructional course. After a successful checkout, I will contact you to schedule an available date for the tutorial .
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Learn how to Tutorials
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Learn how to Tutorials
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Learn how to Tutorials
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