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Ordering and Shipping
Please attempt to order all products online first. Even, if you are local & want to stop by to pick them up. This helps me by creating an invoice, which then gives me a heads up as to who wants what prepared for them. Especially, clients who are booked for an upcoming appointment and would like something to take with them upon leaving the salon. You can simply make a note via checkout if you are going to pick up your order during your next appointment or select the in-store button as an option rather than any of the mail out options.  Normally, your product will be shipped out the next business day arriving to you in 1-2 business days if you are local. If you are elsewhere in the U.S. then it will be usps mailed to you and arrive in about 2-3 business days. Make sure your address is complete especially if you live in an apartment or have a po box. If you are International, (Canada, Caribbean, Europe, etc.) then it will take about 3-5 days to get to you. Standard shipping rates will apply and you will be charged in addition to your order if you live outside the United States.
No Refunds on all products!
Our experience in the past oftentimes has been with competitors passing themselves off as loyal genuine customers in an attempt to sabotage or exploit my business practices.  Products that have been affected by this for example include the afro human locking hair. It is usually either by damaging the product (bleaching.. coloring..) and then trying to get a refund. Or, replacing the contents of the package with an inferior grade or synthetic brand of hair & attempting to mail it back due to it being perhaps the wrong color, texture, etc.  Due to this once the package has left our store we are not responsible for what happens to any purchased products after it has become in your possession un-open or otherwise.
No Refunds after services are rendered!
Services I render are not up for debate. I simply only market the things I can produce. So, please do not insult me by insisting use of your products that you say work best on your hair or try to get me to tie your hair into knots, interlocks.  Although I don't mind giving one their just due, I do not have the luxury of wasting time to deal with indiscriminate behavior on part of the customer.  Please be aware that rather than compete to see who has the strongest opinion & debate with you, I will refuse service altogether instead of getting into an incident with any client. You can avoid this drama by reading up on what you can anticipate from your experience with me prior to scheduling an appointment.  Do your research. Look at the website,  our facebook page, our reviews or come in for a consultation first to discuss any indepth inquires you may have about a particular product or service.
Thank You