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  • Initiate: in this case is a novice who desires to start locking their own natural hair under the guidance of Bornu.  Consider this a rites of passage ceremony permitting access into an artful culture that dates far back into antiquity. It is a formal admission to self - expression in one of many formal natural hair components.  It is the signaling of a transformation in which the initiate is 'born again' into an exciting new purposeful role.
  • Apprentice: Under the sheparding process of Bornu, you will learn bankable skills required to succeed in the natural hair locking industry.  This is to include a revelation of secrets broken down in less profane terms to increase the expansion of knowledge about definitions & techniques associated with natural hair locking.
  • Model: a person employed by his or her service to maintain reputabe appearance in which this case will pay a variable or set price to have Bornu manicure or cultivate their locs. 
  • Palmroll:  locs are long enough to instinctively manicure via palms, manually infusing energy and emollients into patrons hair
  • Retwist:  locs are twisted at the roots with use of a herbal natural styling aid