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Dreads vs Bornu Locs

 Natural Dreadlocks - Standard methods in cultivating your locs may vary depending on how long or thick your hair already is and what I have to do to start ($125) or maintain ($70) them. Your input is always welcome however, after a professional experienced assessment of your hair, root and scalp, I will better be able to determine which modality is best to use. You will need an 1"- 2" of hair if it is tight and kinky to start the process. 3"-5" inches if your hair is loose and curly. About 6 inches if your hair is straight and or wavy. You are welcome to schedule a consultation ($25 = 30 mins). Hair locks because of shedding & by not combing, brushing or washing the loose hairs out.  Black soap is an essential loc hygenic that I use to safely shampoo and maintain healthy dreads. This is 100% raw african black soap... not the dudu osun you see sold in boxes at your local convenience store laced with dyes or lyes. As a style at first, I coil and if necessary backcomb the hair using a metal rat tail comb. You normally shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. Over a period of weeks your hairs become matted, knotted & tangled. I use this to my advantage to put you on the accelerated path to natural dreadlocks. I insist on using our honey aloe hydrosol mist to twist and loc the hair. This will minimalize build up or residue as left behind with most common over the counter gels. I use bornu butter to keep locs hydrated, from thinning & falling out.. made from pure natural organic shea butter, essential oils and emollients. For frizzies & unruly hair our clients prefer our natural beeswax balm to tighten the roots. Our fragrant hennas and powered herbs add colorful highlights, vibrance and energizing aroma to your mane. After some weeks as your locs start to grow they will bud, swell, sprout and look a bit scraggly. This is a necessary stage & precursor to the beginning stages of your hair actually locking. To keep them attractive looking you will need to come in at first every 2-4 weeks depending on what you can stomach financially and fashionably. We can successfully lock any hair type but the length of time it takes for the hair to actually lock depends on the texture, your lifestyle, and patience.

* Bornu Locs - are signature styled designer dread loc extensions ($750) that pass as a fashionable alternative to natural dreadlocks. Bornu is an expert at applying wefts of human afro kinky hair extensions close to the root of the scalp in various sections & artistically creating a semblance of natural dreadlocks. On how to repair, replace, or add afro kinky hair to thin dreads one should consider bornu locs. This is a total natural custom weaving non-surgical hair replacement and restoration option for thinning dreads or balding men and women without the dangerous use of gel, lighters or glue. Customers should have atleast 2 inches of hair if your texture is kinky and ~ 3-5 inches if you are permed, straight or wavy. The afro kinky human hair comes bulk packaged in a plethora of different mixes & colors. One can request several of these colors to add highlights or blend varying hair color. I can add afro kinky human hair to already existing locs to make them appear thicker or longer or both. You can start from a perm & get bornu locs. You can keep them in as a transitional style until your own hair starts to grow out & then cut them to the part of your own natural hair. You do not need any additional products to put on your Bornu locs other than our bornu blends for retwisting & conditioning. For the scalp to relieve itching or flaking purchase our witch hazel tea tree mists to spray your locs liberally throughout the day and before you go to bed. My loc extension technique is very intricate and meticulous making it virtually undetectable. Bornu locs look very authentic to help ease your concerns if they appear natural enough to pass as real dreadlocks. The take down of Bornu Locs is labor intensive so you dont want to leave them in pass a couple of months or they will become permanent. You can leave them in and continue to grow them out and into your own natural locks and continue to cultivate them like real dreadlocks. After a period of months your own hair will begin to mesh and blend into the bornu locs. To put them in takes anywhere from 6 to 9 hours. This depends on how long or full you want them. I insist that you do not pull your new Bornu Locs into a bun or braidstyle for atleast 3 months. You will only pull the extension out! Give them time to adjust if you plan on keeping them in long term. When going to bed, it is best to sleep on a silk or satin pillow cover. You can pick up a scarf or bonnet at your neighborhood beauty supply store.