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Why Get Colonics?



For many of my natural hair and dreadlocking clients with inherent issues of the skin, hair & scalp they decide to get colonics because they have seen all of the positive benefits colon hydrotherapy, herbs, a good diet & meditation has done for me over the years. I used colonics and other modalities like ear candling, massage and Reiki to combat my own issues with asthma, exzema, and allergies.  By hydrating my body thru colonic irrigation I am better able to optimize my performance as a stylist working consecutive days upon weeks in a row & for more than 10 hours a day without any joint pain or fatigue.  In other words, a strong will is an asset in this business. Colonics directly impacts that by keeping my 3rd chakra (solar plexus) working at the greatest degree attainable.  The 3rd Chakra is about

  • unquestionable self-esteem
  • a strong will
  • plus a balanced sense of personal power. 

The glands & organs influenced by the 3rd chakra are the diaphragm & breath; adrenals; skin; and digestive organs – stomach, duodenum, pancreas, gall bladder & liver.

On deciding if colonics is right for you please consider a consultation with our seperate and specialized staff to see what important things you must do or atleast take into consideration before getting started.

In the past, the source of my own demise was eating from off the side of the road at fast food chains, smoking tobacco, drinking and using heavy vices to maintain. 

Many people can not digest a meal, have sex, go to sleep or to the bathroom without using medically prescribed or recreational drugs. It gets hard to ease a "jones" (fight temptation) if you have a weak will. All the issues stemming from the emotional appeals of daily life reeling us in are directly related to the judgement seat (solar plexus).

  The relevance between colonics and dreadlocks is simple. Your locs are a manifestion of what you put in & on your body and hair.  Plenty of customers come in with backed up - built up issues, blockages and odors stemming from an impacted colon.  They are in need of some serious detox. Indications of a blockage can include lethargy, apathy, fatigue.

My products can only do so much for a customer and only from the outside.  I feed and nourish their skin with only the freshest of natural herbs and essential oils but the real work must be done thru colon hydrotherapy.  Please consider this as we are trying to keep your locs, skin and scalp looking healthy.  Ensure that you won't let them dry out instead by doing a series of colonics atleast once a season.

As time goes by you will notice a sense of eureka accompanied by clairvoyance and a stronger intuitiveness.

Thank You,

Kanem Bates


3rd Sun of Atom, Natural Health & Wellness